Our Process

Our 3 step process to liberating the children:




Project Liberty Foundation works with trusted and vetted rescue agencies throughout the United States. This is the part of the process that garners a lot of worldwide attention, although important, the real work begins after the victim is rescued.

How do rescues work?


The rescue agencies recivices a tip of a missing child, the actual victim reaches out in hopes of being rescued or a victim’s family/friend reaches out.


Rescue agency gathers the team consisting of off-duty or retired law enforcement, FBI, Homeland Security, ICE, Special Forces, vetted and tactically trained civilians, etc. It takes an army of people for one rescue.


Rescue team meets around the location of the missing child, debriefs and formulates a plan. 


Rescue team partakes in intel gathering. This can oftentimes include planning and organizing a search, researching the victims background, staking out relevant locations, sifting through social media accounts or interviewing people attached to the victim. The rescue team’s goal is to form a story, piece by piece, and eventually identify where the missing victim is located. 


Once enough probable cause has been identified, law enforcement is called in. Typically, everyone in the room is arrested, including the victim. 

Oftentimes, people don’t have a full understanding of the added costs associated with deploying a rescue team including travel, fuel, protection, food, etc. Each participant is an unpaid volunteer, a volunteer who is passionate about justice for the children.

We rely on generous donations like yours to ensure that no child is put through this horrific abuse. 


After the rescue takes place, the hard work begins. If a victim doesn’t get help within the first 72 hours of being rescued, they typically end up selling their body for the necessities of life.

How does recovery work?

There are three scenarios after rescue:

Step 01: Rescue

Scenario One

Typically, along with the trafficker, the victim has also been taken to jail and slapped with a prostituation charge or underage drinking/drug usage charge. Yes, you read that correctly, it is not uncommon for the innocent victim who is being sex trafficked and exploted to get a prostitution charge on their record. Sadly, the trafficker often gets off and released from jail with a lack of severe consequences.

Scenario Two

If the victim is rescued in a different scenario in which the trafficker is not present and no arrests take place, an advocate, family or friend will greet the victim upon extraction. 

Scenario Three

If the victim is rescued and has no advocate or family member to claim them, they will oftentimes end up in a homeless shelter and go right back into “the life” just so they can survive. 

Step 02: Transport

The victim is transported to an acute crisis care facility where they detox from the drugs in which their trafficker forced on them. They typically stay here for 7-30 days. During this phase, it’s extremely tough for the victim; it’s hard for them to not consider going back to their trafficker as there has been so much brainwashing, trauma and pain endured.

Project Liberty Foundation’s goal is to provide immediate resources for every victim rescued. They have just endured a horror that most people cannot imagine. With your generous donations, Project Liberty Foundation will provide immediate transportation to an acute aftercare facility, pay for acute after care costs if the victim lacks insurance, food, clothing and medical exams. In addition, we will pair the victim with another survivor of human trafficking which statistically contributes to a 95% better change of a successful recovery.


Project Liberty Foundation works with vetted long-term recovery facilities that provide a full service residential live-in experience. The campuses are typically complete with on-site doctors, dentists and healthcare, classroom learning for GED completion, trauma and drug addiction counseling, etc.

How does Project Liberty Foundation help during rehabilitation?

In special cases a survivor may choose to forego a live-in rehabilitation center and feel more comfortable doing it on their own. Therefore, Project Liberty Foundation provides them with access to: GED completion, dental care, drug rehabilitation, counseling services, metal health services and consistent survivor check-ins.

Project Liberty Foundation is passionate about helping to ensure the survivor has everything they need in order to recover and live a fulfilled and joyful life. We seek to offer the survivor long term employment or mentorship opportunities. We are passionate about growing our nonprofit to exclusively employ the very survivors we help!

If this speak to you, we ask that you find it in your heart to donate. 

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