Survivors Network

Project Liberty Foundation Survivors

“I got kidnapped into a life I had no idea existed.”

They are not a statistic, they are a survivor of human trafficking. They are a brave, beautiful soul who will get their life back.

YOU have the power to help someone survive being a statistic. Do Something.

Cammy Bowker

Our board member and founder of Global Education Philanthropists, Cammy Bowker, has been a victim advocate for the past 4 years. She alone has helped hundreds of survivors in the United States gain access to safe housing, food, education, scholarships, medical needs, mental support, dental care and much more. Because of this, Cammy is well respected and loved throughout the survivor community. She has been blessed with the honor of pairing trusted and vetted survivors with recently rescued victims, increasing their chance of a successful recovery by 95%.

Cammy remains passionate in this work, she is on a mission from God. Don’t give up hope. We are here and ready to help.

Are you a survivor? Do you need help? Do you having interest in survivor mentorship? Please contact us if we can help you. Your privacy and safety are confidential and will be protected. 

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